Fish frys, birthday cake, and covered in mud.. Happy Easter.

Happy Easter wonderful beauties!

Even though Easter was Sunday and it is now Thursday, I hope everyone got to enjoy the beautiful weather we had on Sunday and spend time with the people most important to them!

My family didn’t do anything for Easter but we did all get together the Wednesday before to celebrate my dads birthday. The big 55. What better way to celebrate 55 years of an amazing father with a fish fry and his favorite cake? 

So Kate gave my dad an adorable framed picture of her and him when she was younger of her sitting on his lap for his birthday. So we decided to recreate it and I mean recreated pictures when your older are a cute concept but honestly lowkey kinda weird.

It was nice to have Kate and Ty over for dinner and celebrate dad. Of course my favorite aunt stopped by with Sis and we all were just hanging out and catching up. That’s honestly the best way to spend a birthday in my opinion.

And of course mama gave Kate and I our Easter baskets. Peep this very forced smile of me and my Easter basket. My mom is so extra and I wouldn’t have it any other way honestly.


Well, other than the early celebration we did for dads birthday/ Easter I did spend a lot of time with homeboy on Easter so thats cool.

Hope you loves have a great week! Stay turned for next week babes!



We went searching for the Easter bunny in the woods but found mud i



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