I’m so boring, I’m sorry

Hello loves, thanks for coming back!

Only a few more weeks of these blog posts and I’ll be taking some time off for the summer! So sorry to disappoint, I know these blog posts are so exciting and y’all look forward to them every week. However, with the semester coming to an end, my summer load will be just as busy and I won’t have time to blog. Plus, homegirl wants a break from school for the summer. And in all honestly these blogs aren’t very good anyway.

Anyway, this past week has been hectic at work. With Easter coming up we’ve been trying to get everything together and keep the department afloat with a manger who can only use one hand. Julz got surgery on her hand and can’t work so now she just hovers over you when your working. It’s lit though, she buys us food as a thanks.

I haven’t done anything healthy, but honestly at this point it isn’t even a surprise.

I’ve been working and trying to write SO many papers for school. I’m sorry but ain’t no body got time for that. My motivation to finish the semester is slim to none.

BUT I did go see my favorite boys in blue this week with my fav boy so I guess you could easily say that was the highlight of my week.

See you next week loves! I’ll let you know anything exciting I do for Easter and anything else.

Sorry this blog sucks, I’m quite boring.


shoutout to my boys for pulling a W for their last game! Welcome to the playoffs.

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