Gym lyfe, thug lyfe

Mermaids welcome back,

I sure hope your week has treated you as well as my week has! I have my life together this week and I’m actually pretty proud of myself for that. Go me dude.

Anyway, I’m currently working at the insurance agency right now and trying to get all my school work done for the week. During this whole semester, I’ve been waiting to do my schoolwork till Sunday. I mean it makes perfect sense… do nothing during the week but then Sunday hits and right after you work all day, go home and cram a weeks worth of work into 7 hours.

If that ain’t college, I don’t know what  is. But hey, we all get by somehow. (Coffee and Jesus for me personally).

So during my busy week, I’ve actually managed to get all my schoolwork done (shook) and I also went to the gym.

Yeah, you didn’t read that wrong, I, Chloe Phelps, went to a gym, and I didn’t die. I mean a part of my legs did but booty work for the dream work. Tori kicked my butt Tuesday night with a killer leg workout and I actually enjoyed it.

Given my butt is a little sore but honestly if I don’t feel sore then I don’t feel like I got a good workout. It also helped that when we went the Blues were playing and they were losing real bad so it made us work harder because we were aggravated.. lol @ us (@STLBlues, get your stuff together, it’s about to be playoffs)

Well, since I didn’t die at the gym, it looks like I’ll go back and probably join because they have free tanning and I look like I haven’t seen the sun in 5 years.

I’ll let you guys know how my next gym endeavor goes, as always,

Stay wild and eat a cookie,


College major: selfies College minor: drinking coffee




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