poor and pierced..


y’all came back, so happy you did!

Good news- I still am struggling with the concept of “managing my time wisely” and “managing money” however, I have gotten a little better.

School is still crazy as ever but there is a dim light at the end of the tunnel.. that’s right, I am proud to say in 3 short semesters, I will be a college grad *blessed* *praise the lord*


I registered to my classes last Monday(?) and I’m starting my senior project soon. It’s like the real world is slapping me in the face..

On a totally unrelated note.. I took my puppers to the vet the other day and LET ME TELL YOU HOW SHE COSTED ME $240.. dear lawd it was just a yearly check-up… but look at that pretty face..

Oh, remember my cute little neighbors that rode the mini horses the other day? The little girl, wild child, Alli, was put in an art show for one of her drawings and she invited mama and I and ugh shes adorable.

Well, since my life has been so hectic lately, working out has been on the back burner but eating healthy is something I am doing as much as possible. Except my world was opened up the other day when I had a Poboy.. holy moly macaroni, I’m forever eating cajun food.

Oh and as a spontaneous treat yo self endeavor, I decided to get my ear pierced again, I got the rook? I honestly don’t know what it is but like google it. It’s lit.

Like can someone please explain to me why I say I’m broke and I can’t afford to go to the eye doctor yet I randomly get my ear pierced??

I swear mama, I’m really financially responsible, but it’s just been a solid amount of time since I shoved a needle through my body.

stay wild loves!



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