Hello loves, hope your week was wonderful!

Couldn’t really tell you what I’ve been up to this week other than being really bad at adulting.

My stress level currently is about the level of I Love Lucy when she was working in the chocolate factory. You know what I mean? Chocolate keeps spitting out of the conveyor belt and she can’t keep up so she just starts doing random stuff and trying to hid it?

Yeahhhh, that is me currently.. someone please send help

I am drowning in school work and actual work. I mentioned a couple blogs back of how my manager might be leaving and well I’m heartbroken to say she is.. so with that, she has left me in charge of training the new girl.

On top of work, school is reaching the end of the semester and that means everything is coming to a head (that is an ugly analogy, I am so sorry I used that).

But seriously though, I cannot keep up. Between writing assignments, readings, blogs, discussion boards, group projects, and tests, homegirl is on the verge of a mental breakdown.

I would say I’m riding the struggle bus, but shoot, I’m chasin behind the struggle bus.

(Verge being I had one Monday… LOL @ my life)

Please pray for me, I need a vacation.

Stay wild,


Check out this super awkward fam photo we took at Christmas…

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