Blame it on sprang break

Hello mermaids!

So sorry I didn’t post last week, it was my spring break and I really soaked in the fact I didn’t have school. I don’t even think I touched my laptop or books last week. I did however catch up on some much needed sleep. I don’t think I realized how tired I was until I stopped going and going like crazy!

I also think day light savings played a huge role, it kicked my butt! It does every time it rolls around though.. I need my beauty sleep.. DUH.

Anywhooooo, of course, what I was afraid of happening in my workout, done did happen. My back has started hurting again, dang flabbit. However, I do have a nice little new workout called Piyo.

It’s a mix of Pilates and yoga and ya girl loves both of them. It’s part of the BeachBody workouts and they are all great!

Other than that, nothing new and exciting in my little world. I did take my neighbors to see mini horses though and it was honestly the cutest thing ever… like melt.. ugh..

Jake wasn’t quite sure about it but he put on a brave face. Of course Alli was all into it, whats new? That girl is a little wild child and I love it.

Sorry for the short post this week loves, I’ll hopefully have something more exciting to share next week!

As always, stay wild,




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