Guess whose back… Back againnnnn!

Hey guys, it’s your favorite girl here! Back again for another week of whats going on in my world!

Hope you all have had a lovely week and have been killing the workout game. For myself, I would like to say, homegirl has steady worked out this week. SAY WHAT! You heard me right, couch to 5K is finally kicking in and I’m loving running again. I’ve been trying to track my calories as well, I tend to overeat, so it really helps me to do this.

I’ve been using the app called “Lose It!” it has so many food options on there and I haven’t found one thing it doesn’t have so far! The main thing I like about it is all of the exercises it has logged on there. My biggest complaint when I was using “My Fitness Pal” was that it never had how many calories I burned doing an exercise. I always had to look it up or just guess. This little beauty does it all for me! Just type in what I did and bing.bang.boom. it’s there!

I am running every other day and on the days I am running I push myself to do lunges during my cooldown! So far I’m up to 150 lunges! Go chunky butt Clo!

I do have my occasional cheat snack here and there, but hey, a girl cant give up everything she loves. I just keep reminding myself to love yourself in whatever shape you are.

In a update on my life, I have Spring Break next week (bless up, I’m exhausted). I’m not going anywhere so cash me outsiddeeeee. (Get it?)

Just kidding, you can catch me at Dierbergs.

I’m really sad however, because my manger just informed me she is being forced to transfer stores. I’ll keep y’all posted on that.

Sweet baby Soph and mama Nicole come into town next weekend and I’m so excited to see them. I missed my best friend. It must be nice to have a best friend in the same town as you. Shocking news- I bought more baby clothes.

I lied, it’s not shocking but like whatever. They were too cute to pass up.

See you lovelies next week,




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