Same story- different week

Hello loves, thanks for coming back for another week!

I’m sure you can guess what I’m going to say.. I haven’t worked out this week or ate healthy.. in all honesty, I think I’ve drank my calories more successfully than I have eaten them.

I couldn’t tell you what is going on. How was I on such a big kick a month ago and now I can’t go an hour without having a snack *awkward I’m a failure*

I am loving running but with my hectic schedule it makes it hard to run in the day time. I get off work to late to go for a run because it’s too dark out and the bad guys could get me. I don’t really like waking up early because homegirl needs her beauty sleep.

I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. I don’t like the way I look yet, here I am, eating anything I want and not working out. Someone send help!

On the upside however, I have been very happy lately and that something I wasn’t able to say for awhile. I have a good group of friends in my life and I’ve been going out and doing more than before. Yes, it means I’m more exhausted because I’m staying out late, but honestly I’m 20, I can sleep when I’m dead.

My sweet baby niece was in town again and I have spent probably the last 3 days with her and guess what I’m not even sorry. I get sucked into baby world so fast.

Sweet baby girl Sophia is one month old tomorrow! Yay! Time flies! The amount of love I have for this little girl is out of this world. Also can’t forget the pretty girls mama. So glad to have my best friend in town for a few days!

Well guys, I’m sorry I don’t have any more exciting news for you. My life this week has consisted of Blues games, baby cuddles, game nights, and a hunting banquet on Saturday.

Send me some of the workouts you guys do or tips to keep motivated. I need some help getting back on track and I’m reaching out to y’all for help. Bikini season is around the corner (pray y’all, pray. It’ll be tragic).



Stay wild,



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