Treat yo self *running clothes and baby clothes*


And that means two things:

  1.  It’s Greys day
  2.  The new blog is up!
    1. Which you already know since you’re here reading it.

Thanks for coming back another week and checking out what I’ve been up too. I love all my loyal followers (the very few there are. Jim and ma shoutout you guys!)

This week I really couldn’t tell you what I’ve been up to because nothing exciting has really happened. I’ve spent some time with my sweet little adopted niece (bff had a baby, posted in a couple blogs ago) Sophia and I have spoiled that sweet baby girl rotten with clothes but baby girl clothes are SO cute. Can’t stop buying, won’t stop buying.

I’ve been so busy with work and school lately but I got a raise at Dierbergs today so that is super exciting for me! Treat yo self will go even harder.

I also got employee of the month at the insurance agency I work at! Given its a company of 3 people and my mom gave me the award, it still means something. I’m pretty proud of it! You have to celebrate the little things.

I fell of the train of eating healthy again, but I am OFFICIALLY starting back on it. I went for a run today with my pup, Singer, and she loved it. I also bought new running clothes (and baby clothes…) in a hope to keep me motivated to run! Dress well, run well??

It sounds weird but she knows when its time to run and pushes me to keep going. I talked about the app I’m using in last weeks blog to help me run. C25k! It’s still awesome and I still love it.

Sorry this blog was short and a little late today. I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off lately trying to get everything done.

But next week watch out for whats coming. I’m helping throw a “Boob Voyage” party for a friend who is getting a mastectomy (unfortunately) but we are making a hopeful happy memory for her!

I promise next week I’ll post early and I’ll let you guys know all about the “Boob Voyage” and all the decorations.

Until then, watch some Greys Anatomy, cheer on the St. Louis Blues, and always…

Stay wild,


Here's a picture of my majestic pup, Sing. Notice her chain dragging. It's really easy for me to "walk the dog"
Here’s a picture of my majestic pup, Sing. Notice her chain dragging. It’s really easy for me to “walk the dog”

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