Welcome to adulthood…

Happy Thursday!

So close to the weekend but it won’t be much weekend for me… I’m working all weekend.

This week has been crazy busy but I’ve had some exciting things happen! So, I’m going to take a step away from the exercises I’ve been doing to focus on whats been going on  in my life.

But to keep y’all updated, I’ve been trying to eat as healthy as possible and workout, but its been a lost cause this week honestly. I keep reminding myself that this is a process and it takes a time to commit to a clean lifestyle. It’s hard to go cold turkey on sweets.

I did however start running and I’m training to do a 5K! Check out this website that talks about the app I’m using! C25K!

The older I’m getting the more I realize everything in my life is changing. Friends are getting engaged, getting new jobs, graduating, having babies. I guess this is adulthood.

Now to the fun stuff going on in my life! I got a new part-time job (yay go me!) and my friend had her baby! I’ve also spent a lot of time at work this past week which isn’t very fun but I did work with my favorite people ever.

My new job is working at an insurance agency and I really just answer phones. I start Monday so wish me luck! It will keep me pretty busy.

Look at this sweet face. So happy to say both mama and baby are healthy and happy

A very close friend of mine blessed the world with a beautiful 8 pound, 1 ounce, sweet baby girl. Early Tuesday morning, little Sophia Rose made her grand entrance and guys let me tell you, I am already in love.

I’ve been working at Dierbergs a lot more these past couple of weeks since one of my coworkers had to take some time off due to health reasons (prayers to Debs). But with that being said, I’ve gotten to see my super awesome, favorite coworkers/ full time best friends more than I normally do.

Jims face is slightly cut off but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t hold a huge place in my heart. Can’t forget about my Kenz-love either, she is a saint. Blessed for these 2 beautiful souls.







Another random update on my life is I decided to change my hair up a little bit and make it darker brown on top and then fade to blonde. I got bored and decided a hair change was what I needed.

Does that happen to anyone else? Or is it just me?

Lets hope that next week I can get better on exercising and eating healthy. I did find a nice little cheat ice cream- Halo Top. It is delicious!

As always, stay wild,



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