“What do you eat? Ice?”

Hello loves!

I’m back in action.

This week is dragging by for me. Anyone else feel like that? I didn’t even have school on Monday and I still feel like it’s dragging by.. maybe its the rainy weather and the ice storm that we were supposed to get but never got (mother nature is playing games with us).

Now to get down to business about what y’all are really here for: what have I been doing this week and what is my new health kick!

I’ve always struggled finding a workout program that I enjoy and does not involve me going to the gym and guess what? I’ve found one. Blogilates. Her name is Cassey Ho and she posts a ton of Pilates videos and monthly workout challenges! And she is totally professional!

I’m working on the Beginners calendar currently and I’m also really committing to her 28-day Reset! Call me crazy, but it is amazing! In this reset you don’t eat any dairy, gluten, processed foods, added sugar, and alcohol for 28 days. It’s hard but I have already noticed a difference in how I feel.

I have more energy and I’m not as hungry! I also think my sugar craving has already started to cut down (I have a huge sweet tooth, let me tell you).

My most recent health food kick though is Kombucha! I’ve seen so many celebrities I follow on Instagram post about it, so I did some research and this drink is magic in a bottle!

I’ve been eating a ton of salad lately and I’ve found an already known for love of spaghetti squash again. Check out this super delicious meal I made last night for dinner!

The picture does not do it justice. This plate was gorgeous!
The picture does not do it justice. This plate was gorgeous!

Chicken with a healthy tomato sauce and spinach on a bed of spaghetti squash. To. Die. For.

Even my dad liked it. He went back for seconds. He hates spaghetti squash so that is saying something!





Other than doing Pilates 6 days a week and drinking Kombucha everyday, nothing too exciting happened this week… I’m ready for some sunshine and good times at the lake. (I have to slay for bikini season this year).img_0207



Here’s to hoping lake time comes soon!




Stay wild,


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  1. Stephanie says:

    Love your posts! Keep them coming. Always entertaining to read.


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