Home away from home

We all have something we love, maybe we keep it hidden or maybe we tell everyone about it. Me personally, I keep it private. There is this very small town about 5 hours from here in Missouri, right by the border of Arkansas. It’s a town of about 500 (on a good day) with the most beautiful lake you might ever see. I grew up going down to Pontiac thanks to my parents.

This small town I would visit every summer for 3 months out of the year and it was and still is the best place I’ve ever been too.

It sounds cliche but sometimes you need a place to get away and clear your head, hang out with your family, and enjoy not getting cell phone service. Throughout the whole summer it was spent on our boat.

Whether it was sun bathing, tubing, skiing, kneeboarding, wakeboarding, or just hanging out, this place taught me so much. It taught me how to disconnect from social media and be in the moment. How to learn and not be afraid to try anything new. But I think the most important thing it ever taught me was how important my family is and how amazing my lake family is. Life gets busy and it gets crazy and you loose track of things at times, but when you all end up at the same place, even if its just for a weekend, you realize how important the little things are. Spending a weekend with your family and realizing everything will be okay.


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